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Looking for Limo Services in Los Angeles?

We, Ritchies bus service, provide limos and charter buses for vehicle charter. We are committed to our customers for providing top notch amenities for group transportation. Our services are a lot different from the average group transportation services. We especially emphasize on knowledgeable drivers and experienced staff at the most reasonable rates. The climate of Los Angeles is very favorable for making it ideal to plan for a wedding season throughout the year when you book our limo services alongside the excellent weather conditions.

In the present time, the trend of renting a limousine regardless of its size has become a trend. Such services are not only preferred by the bride and groom only but also by the guests, family and friends who attend these events and prefer a limo bus. We understand, renting a limo has now become synonymous when individuals celebrate big events of their life. Despite this trend, the rates of limousine rentals are beyond the reach of many. For those who seek to fulfill their long-awaited dream of renting a limo should consider changing the service provider.

Change your plans and look for the best limo service provider

An unplanned way of renting a limo service can make you pay a lot of extra money. However, when you choose an experienced service provider like us, we are going to work on your program along with you. This will help you utilize the limo services when you actually need it and this will ultimately save you a lot of money. Understandably, any individual who is going to pay for our services will end up paying a lot of money. We advise our esteemed clients to make provisions for sharing the costs including Windshield repair.  Needless to say, when you have actually successfully chosen a good limo service Rental Company your job is already half complete. You can easily get the details of such companies by comparing their services and rates with each other. Lastly, when you choose an experienced limo rental company like us, you can be assured of the best services.

Party Buses

Any big event would involve many people. Los Angeles party buses that we provide are just ideal for the occasion. We necessarily inquire from our clients about the exact number of people who will be on the party bus. This helps to cut the costs as individuals can rent a smaller capacity limo bus for the event. Again, at times while partying hard people are prone to damage the bus. The repair costs of a larger limo bus will be a lot higher than a smaller bus. So, it is always practical to rent a limo within acceptable limits.

Party Buses with more than 40 people capacity

Of course, when you are going to celebrate a bigger event with many of your friends you will need a larger bus. Our skillful and well-versed drivers are going to help you having a great time while partying. We usually advise our customers to book these buses well in advance to avoid disappointments.

Group Transportation Services

Other than the big party events or weddings, charter buses are also a necessity for group transportation services. The standard vans, executive vans, small coaches, full coaches and all kinds of limo bus services. Our charter bus services are tailor made for events like weddings, corporate events, conventions, reunions, senior clubs, church groups, school and colleges and sports teams. We offer attractive Wedding Limo service as well.

We fully understand those who are going to use the charter bus service for the first time will have several doubts in their mind related to the type of facilities provided by the service provider. We offer comfortable deluxe leather seating, large overhead enclosed, adequate arrangements for proper lighting, free Wi-Fi, GPS tracking, restrooms, reading lights and enough space for keeping the luggage.

We are sure, once you take a look at the reviews related to limo bus service you will find out several options on the type of service they are providing; the popularity of the limo bus service has propelled a lot of other companies to open their fleet of cars as well. Always remember an expensive limo bus rental does not mean it would be the best. You ought to compare the services with much more in order to determine the best. We hope our services are going to change the way you think about charter bus rental services.